Friday 26 December 2008

Where are our youngsters going?

I used to believe that the present generation, at least the educated part of it, will come out of the closed mindedness of the caste, religion etc. It turns out that I’m dead wrong. One hour ago I stumbled upon this Orkut community called “The youngsters of [caste name]”. The members are not some semi-literate people who work in obscure data entry company with connectivity. They are well placed professionals, alumni and students (both gender, equally) of top professional(?) colleges including my own (this is how I stumbled upon.) The supposedly toppers of the higher secondary education (?!) of Tamil Nadu.

There was this thread in the forum:
What should do to prevent our community ppl from marryin outside our caste? (Sic)
And one gem I found in that discussion:
There are less no. of girls in our caste than boys. This should be tackled to prevent dilution of our caste.
I was like WTF? Dilution of what? I searched for other castes and sure I found communities with pretty much the same kind of membership for all the caste names that I knew (Though it numbered to only 10, including mine, I’m sure other castes too had communities).
I lost my faith. Completely.

PS: This is a rant. Excuse my grammar.
PPS: Should I be happy that these people condemn female infanticides at least?


  1. dude there is shit everywhere. You cannot expect a generation to scrap the ideals they were taught when growing up. The change will happen but a few generations down the line. Most of the ppl who join these communities do so just for the heck of it. They don't even visit these communities. You cant expect ppl in colleges to handle such fragile issues maturely. The situation is changing as far I have seen. One last thought. Unless and until caste based reservations are lifted, this issue will not get resolved. There is lots of confusion regarding inter caste marriages in our beuracratic setup. Making an inter caste marriage is not as easy as you think. Lots of questions crop up in the child's future.

    All I have to say to you is, feel happy that the situation is changing, at the same time feel sick that our politicians will never eradicate this problem.

  2. @ Vasu:
    You are correct. :) :(:(

  3. damn! its all with how they are brought up.. some people never come out of their nutshells.. no matter what.. and they still give you a feeling what is with the new millenium? being modern? being a country where we are almost rushing towards that bar set only for developed countries? ..we indeed have a long way to go..