Saturday 31 January 2009

Under Progress....

Tired of talking... :|

All Are Welcome


Carte Blanche

and my

Multimedia Info Desk.

PS: All set. Waiting for the inauguration.

Complete Power

Carte Blanche literally means just that - Complete Power. What would you do if you were given complete power - control - over the config files, source code and all that could be controlled?
We people would hack away, happily forever. :)

Switch to GNU/Linux. Experience Carte Blanche.

PS: I'm now sitting at my Multimedia Info Desk at Carte Blanche venue with all fun and fan fare. Finished 95% of work. Took a break just now. Will be updating the status throughout the day. :)

Monday 26 January 2009

Past and Future

Things I did in past fortnight
  • Organised the event Industry defined project in Asymptote.
  • Helped in organising the events Bottle rocketry and Air show in Asymptote.
  • Won Mech quiz in Asymptote.
  • Attended math workshop in Kurukshetra.(loved V.S. Sunder's Knot theory lecture. Will post on that soon.)
  • Working towards Carte-Blanche.(Half completed)

For the next week
  • Finish the Carte Blanche work. It is scheduled on coming Saturday. I'm doing the multimedia section. I will focus on VLC, Mplayer, Camstream, Amarok and Audacity. (All are welcome to the event!)
  • Select engine for my aircraft(for the design project)

PS: See my medium term goals in the next post.