Well, This is my personal blog and will usually contain my longer writings about GNU/Linux, computers, maths and life(politics - Life is all about politics. ;-). This is not frequently updated. May be once/twice in a month, though I want to increase the frequency.

If you want to see my shorter writings (including my Google Reader shares) you are welcome to follow me on Google Buzz. Unlike blog, I ramble lot of things on a daily basis there.

I do not use Twitter much though I do have an account. I feel Buzz is better for shorter posts than Twitter because of ability to add photos and videos and to comment. 140 characters is too restrictive if you ask me. One reason why Twitter gained popularity than blog is you can 'follow' someone to get updates unlike blog. Buzz also does the same without restrictions of Twitter. (though blogger added this 'follow' later and there was RSS, both were not as simple as Twitter )

To know more about me visit my home-page or Google profile.