Wednesday 30 June 2010

The Funniest Bus Travel

This happened while I was traveling from Taramani to Velachery two days ago. A man(hereinafter called 'X'), who was visibly drunk, boarded the bus in next stop.

[Translated from Tamil]
[Conductor sounds a whistle]
X: You rascal. How dare u whistle at the ladies sitting before you? Who allowed you to sit in ladies side?

Conductor: How else do you expect me to stop and start the bus?

X: Doesn't driver knows where stops are? Or you stand near him and say these things.

[Conductor gives him a ticket to Velachery and sounds whistle at next stop]

X: Won't you listen to me? I'll give petition about you to Kalaingar.
[He comes near conductor and starts shouting after he gives another whistle to start the bus]
I'll complaint to police, MTC and I know minister. What's your name?

Conductor got irritated and sounded a whistle to stop the bus and told him that Velachery has come. He got down in the middle of nowhere, still scolding the conductor. :-D

Sema comedy. I was laughing till I got to bed that day. :-D :-D