Sunday 21 December 2008

The Meaning of Akilan

Yesterday, someone came to this blog through a Google search for meaning of akilan.(saw in my statcounter analysis)
Quite frankly I don't know what I should feel. Anyway, for the enlightenment of the uninformed souls, I state the meaning of my name, Akilan, here.

Akilam(அகிலம்) means all, universe, world and the like. Akilan means one who is owner of these. Basically it boils down to mean ruler of the world.[1]

Pity is that I’m not a ruler of even a village... :(

[1] Madras University Tamil lexicon.


  1. nenapu dhan polapa kedukumam. poi valaya parra

  2. Ruler??
    u r a ruler??
    wat kind of, inch or meter??

  3. yo ppl are jealous... ;)

    Nope. I measure in Potrzebie

  4. I agree with u because my name is Akilan as well