Thursday 25 December 2008

Email Santa

There are some letters mailed to Santa kept at this website. They are funny and sometimes witty to read. Though there are a lot of them written by little children, my favorite one is written by a 40 year old boy.

I could sure use some ideas about what to get my wife. Has she sent you a list of suggestions?
And this one reminded me of my little sister's young days. smile
As my brother has been a very, very, very bad boy I would like you to send someone to torture him. Maybe a chunk of coal too. Bring my parents some neat stuff and the bill.
Seasons greetings to you all...razz

1 comment:

  1. i loved this one
    I am still just a little girl and I am still a little scared to come sit on your lap at the mall, but I hope you will come to my house anyway.

    but u discovered this page just now? v v bad.. this is in existence for quite some yrs