Sunday 1 August 2010

Donkey Days


Please stop this nonsense called friendship day and its wishes. Understand that all these friend/mother/women/lover/dog/donkey days are created by these greeting-card/gift/cell phone companies to make more money. Since number of people who got fooled for this 'frandship' day increased year-by-year, I had to pay 50 paise for every SMS today. :-( AFAIK last year this was not in paid-SMS days list. And AFAIK only Diwali, Pongal and New Year were originally paid-SMS days. Thanks to increasing number of fools every year, this paid-SMS days also went up and now it stands at 10 days. :-(

PS: You don't become my close friend just because you sent an 'advance'(read free) 'frandship' day wish/forward. And my friends are always my friends no matter they wished or not. The only day I expect a wish and make a point to wish others is the birthday.


  1. I was pissed off very badly while writing this and still am. Forgive any spelling/grammatical mistakes in the post.

  2. Vignesh Nandha Kumar1 August 2010 at 01:53

    Ha ha nice :-) You are absolutely right. I am awaiting something that will eliminate such paid-SMS days...
    Iraiva en makkalai kappathu!!

  3. I would invent just another day only to piss u off :D