Tuesday 26 August 2008

Post Olympics: Shame On India

We are the second most populous country in the world. But we are in 50th position in Olympics medal tally. Even that single gold does not belong to India. It's Abhinav's own. Not everyone's father is a billionaire who could afford lakhs for equipment and training. In fact he succeeded against the red tapism of this country. Not because of it. Even small countries in Africa got more medals. Nothing is a mystery. There are concrete reasons for this, which could be set right.

  • Firstly, we as a nation forget that there exists sports other than cricket.
  • The government too is in same category given the poor infrastructure it has developed for other sports. Decline of hockey is a classic example of this. We were winning until synthetic came in the way.
  • Our education system is so screwed up that most of the schools are bad in academic as well as in sports. The school in which I studied had only a single building without a single square feet of playground. Nothing was done even after the kumbakonam tragedy. The authorities were simply corrupt.(After our school got its approval renewed, it conducted a ceremony in which all the district officials of school education and of the then ruling party and the MLAs were honoured.)
It is high time we realised that there are many things other than +2 marks, that there are more important areas(including basic sciences) other than engineering and that we are lagging behind academically as well. I say this since many people say that we are in a very good place academically if not in sports. This is simply not true.

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