Sunday 24 August 2008

Insult To Hackers

The Gujarath police thinks that only a techie could hack into an unencrypted wireless internet connection:
 Now, apparently, the word[hacker] means "someone who borrows someone else's open wireless connection." And this, according to the Gujarat police, is not easy to do: they suspect a "techie", a Wipro engineer of having done it.
If its complicated enough for the police technical wing(Is there one?), then it must be hard and hence hacker worthy. :)
Here's a news flash for our police and our equally moronic media: ANYONE with a laptop within a few tens of metres from the building in question could have used the internet connection, if it was unencrypted.
Both the above quotes from Rahul Siddharthan's blog here.

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  1. Haha.... funny..

    The world outside the real geekdom is funny.. people still believe you can hack from anywhere to anywhere.. even a system without a network card... :D