Monday 23 June 2008


Plain nonsense.
I went to movie, despite bad reviews, hoping it would at least be watchable once.
Result: Severe headache.
No comment about kamal roles. Asin is irritating at best. Why the hell does he write screenplay when he is not capable of even a semi-decent one?

Someone wrote "People whoever written good about the movie are talking more about Kamal and whoever written bad about the movie are talking more about the Movie itself." I see a film for its story and screenplay. I don`t give a damn if Kamal dons 10 characters or works hard to act as an old lady.

P.S.: I want my money back.


  1. yeah that seems probably true !!!!! though kamal has done 10 roles, he paid little attention to stitch them interestingly.

  2. read this.....