Thursday 10 September 2009

My Lab

Well, actually not my lab. The lab for which I am the Sysadmin. The lab has 14 systems that dual boot to Windows XP and GNU/Linux, and a central server that runs on only GNU/Linux. Most of my plans for the lab are implemented by now.

These are the improvements in the lab compared to last year, i.e. after I took over.
  • The server system itself. It facilitates
    1. Faster software installation on all systems. [Via apt-cacher]
    2. Web Caching.
    3. One stop monitoring of error and other logs on all systems.
    4. Automated maintenance of all other systems. [using custom shell scripts, Cron and OpenSSH.]
  • Improved security in WinXP.
    1. Uses Software Restriction Policies to protect against viruses coming through removable disks. [99.9% effective. Not a single virus in past two months of operation.]
    2. Anti-virus which is updated daily and fully functional.

And lots more(on next post. :p).. I'm happy except for few kinks, which i hope to iron out soon.

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