Wednesday 27 May 2009

The Float LaTeX Package for Placing the Figure Here

If you don’t care where the figures are placed as long as they are in the same chapter, you need not worry and will get the best layout possible from TeX. But, if there is a major figure or a table which you want to appear before the discussion or a section, you are in for trouble. There is an option [h] which means ‘You may put it here if you like.’ No, Tex is not going to like whatever you like and often floats it somewhere else.

Hence a package called here was written by David Carlisle which gave an option [H] which means “put it HERE, period”. That package is now replaced by Anselm Lingnau’s float package which provides some more facilities also. This package is included by default in both MikTeX as well as TeXlive and you may include it in file by standard

and use the HERE option as
Note that the [H] option cannot be used in conjunction with other options as you can do with [h] option like [htb]. That doesn’t make sense, anyway.
To know about other features of this package and download documentation go here.


  1. dei write about something that people like me can understand :P :)

  2. college booksaiya naanga padikala..

    ellaaam copy adichu pass panna pasanga naaanga...

    engalukku edhuku udhu ellaaa?

  3. Right. Both of you opened my eyes...
    I'll write non-academic posts soon. I'll try some comical ones too. :) But please don't beat me if they are mokkai instead of comedy. :P ;)

  4. Hi, I stumbled here from Sudipta's blog. Great to see somebody who's as interested in TeX / LaTeX as I am. I thought it had gone out of fashion to be a fan of traditional typesetting programs.

    DocBook SGML/XML can't hold a candle to the power of LaTeX, especially for high-quality printable documentation, purely because SGML/XML is far too high level and lacks source-level control over the toolchain's final output.