Saturday 7 February 2009

End And Start

I'm putting my laziness to an end and gonna make this blog a real technical blog, worthy of the name it has. I had have an agenda. But since no one else knows it, I'm happily procrastinating it. So I've decided to make it public. The following are the things that I'm going to do in next two months:
  • Write about how and what numerical methods are used in CFD Solvers.(This is for my own good. I have NMFD this semester.)
  • Write about how to adapt the CSS and XHTML templates you see for websites into the blogger CMS. I'm in the process of writing a template for my blog based on the excellent Andreas08 by Andreas Viklund. (I know that someone had already adapted that design into a blogger template. But it has way too many errors, does not conform to standards and my favorite inline commenting is missing.)
  • Learn TeX and LaTeX and write an introduction to it.

Hope I'll complete these. :-)

PS: @ Vasu: I'm ashamed of this too...;-)


  1. thu... :)
    unnayellam thiruthave mudiyadhu da.. :P

  2. Overa pesatha... muthala CFDla pass yaku.. apuram parkalaam...

  3. @prakasam
    What are u doing these days? vetti eh?

  4. unnoda blog ellam read pandrean.. appo naan enna pandrean theriyalaiya?... summa vettia thaan irukean...
    bye the way I am going to Ambala, Punjab for first 2 weeks of March....

  5. Im waiting for tutorials.. I wish you write some basic tutorials for tough subjects.. rather than tutorials already available on the web..