Saturday 8 November 2008

The Gender Myth

Last week a prominent weekly magazine did a cover story titled "Gender Myths". A few things which were considered true by them( or by the public, since they said, they conducted an opinion poll) are as follows:
  • Women make better bosses than men.
  • Women can do math better than men.
  • Nonsense.
  • More nonsense.

And no one is protesting. What would've happened if the same magazine said the following things?
  • Men make better bosses than women.
  • Men can do math better than women.

Feminist groups all over the country would've burned the magazine copies.

People resent the notion that intelligence is connected with gender. As long as it's against women, that is. If the bias is against men, then gender somehow makes men less intelligent, perverts, sexual predators and all the bad things a woman can imagine!


  1. now wat u want me to do??? protest or take ur side....

    Kiddo, if this gives u some peace of mind... i dunno abt my bossing skills, but i surely suck in math...

    yeah if anyone dares to point abt my driving skills, i ll kick his shin for sure.. that's one thing i excel at...

  2. me agrees.. me and math never went together.. unless u r talking abt addng up in the grovery store.. that i cld do faster than the shopkeeper and his calculator. :-)

    But i get the point.. and there is a reason why women like to hate men. Don't write off those reasons either.

  3. ha ha ha.. as far this issue goes, you have a partner in me :)

  4. I am with you! its a womans world now !
    sob sob