Thursday 17 July 2008

Friends' Blogs

Vasanth, my senior, friend and guru in management, started a blog almost at the same time as me and is rocking after going to NITIE.
I went to the battle field armed with full hand buttoned, tucked in shirt and formal leather shoes (at 3.15 am) and tasted victory in all the 3 battles.
He is actually describing his interview. By the way, he has a nice template too...
Note to Vasanth: I'm gonna steal your template soon(With a fighter in the place of car, of course.)

Recently I found the blog by my friend B aka Stranger. The blog is hilarious to the core. I guarantee that you'll laugh and laugh till your co-workers(or students) wonder what the hell happened to you. An excerpt:
BS: Is Today your BCM?
JP(Confused): No! Why do you think so?
BS: You look smart only on your BCM days.. He He He
(Loved that smile on his face)
Paavam co-workers...

UPDATE: Vasanth changed his template. But this too has a car.


  1. :-) he he he.. sheepish grin...

    dan q dan q....

  2. lots more of such themes ther @

    btw thanks for the publicity :D

  3. I looked all the themes. But loved yours very much... :P